How Financial Freedom Improves Your Life

For many people, it is not even the worst financial collapse of their life when they finally wake up to the conclusion that they have to make some drastic changes in the way they manage their money .

Cut a ton of fat from your expenses, pay all your credit card debts, pay the car credit, start creating an emergency fund and start reading personal finance information. These are some of the steps you take in this situation.

The result of all this is that you are suffering a profound change in the way you perceive the demands of your life . This manifests itself in a lot of ways, some simpler and some deeper. These are some examples.

Ways in which Financial Freedom Improves Your Quality of Life

More lifestyle options

More lifestyle options

There comes a time when studying your financial situation you realize that there are now many open doors for you that were not worth considering before.

Now you can fulfill some of your dreams because you no longer need money so urgently. For example you can ask for a reduction in working hours and spend more time with your children. Or dedicate it to setting up the business you’ve always wanted to do.

Less job insecurity

Less job insecurity

With financial freedom you no longer have to be constantly stressed by work. You no longer have to go to work and walk with lead feet to make sure you are not fired or lose a promotion.

You no longer claim to agree with anything and keep your mouth shut when something is not done meaningfully. Instead of telling everyone that yes you can now be more critical and improve aspects of your work without fear of harming yourself.

Less stress in your life

Less stress in your life

You are no longer constantly worried about how to pay bills or the idea of ​​a financial crisis worries you. Forget about those nights when you had trouble sleeping due to financial stress and now you will have a more pleasant character with others. Less impatient

That stress caused by a feeling of being trapped and hopeless about your financial situation. It is already gone.

Discover and rediscover the things that make you happy

When you arrive in the afternoon from work you spend some time on the housework you have to do and then you spend the rest of the time doing the tasks you really want to do.

Eliminated the greatest efforts of your past life, such as work stress and financial stress, you realize the amount of interesting things you really want to spend your time with.

You can rediscover your love for writing, read like crazy, spend hours and hours with your children, learn new skills and basically do nice things for yourself.

What do they all have in common? They cost very little money and bring you a lot of personal enjoyment.

Therefore, the question to ask is whether the things you spend your money on continuously are worth so much to give up on the overall improvement in your quality of life that financial freedom gives you . The freedom to spend money on what really matters to you is an incredible freedom


Acquisition of loans better understanding the role of the broker

Making a consolidation of its credits is not an easy task from the moment the objective is to unearth the restructuring offer at the best market conditions, in order to make the most of it.

Moreover, this is one of the main reason why credit bureaus have introduced the ” loan redemption brokerage ” network in order to allow a better filter of the files submitted by the intermediary in a bank operation that filters the loan. feasibility of upstream customer requests.

Role of a Credit Redemption Broker

Role of a <a href=Credit Redemption Broker” width=”657″ height=”445″ />

Bank brokers who are intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP) that are governed by specific regulations. A regulation that requires them to be commissioned by one or more banks in the exercise of their function. In the opposite case, they are in the irregularity or are simply not real brokers!

According to French law, a bank broker’s role is to connect a client and one or more financial institutions to conclude a financial transaction. As part of this intervention, the expert is not required to vouch for the client.

In the redemption of credit , his mission is to accompany the borrower until obtaining the funds. An accompaniment which must allow the customer to obtain the best offer and the answers to all his questions.

To carry out this mission, the intermediary always starts by analyzing the request for loan consolidation . He then consults the banking institutions in which he was mandated to compete in favor of his client. For each offer, he is required to show the advantages and disadvantages of this offer to his client.

When the time to choose an offer has come, the broker can also negotiate for the benefit of his client other elements such as credit insurance. Indeed, the credit intermediary can collaborate with insurance companies. An asset that allows him to obtain a preferential rate. The repurchase transaction may also be an opportunity for the borrower to ask the broker to negotiate a Rhett Butlerment for Rhett Butlerr for new projects. The necessary funds will thus be released at the same time as the settlement of the various debts to be repaid.

Bank partners repurchase loan from the broker

Bank partners repurchase loan from the broker

The banking partners with which these financial brokers work may be conventional banks or other forms of financial institutions such as online banks. These creditors give these intermediaries the authority to offer their borrowing offers to borrowers.

The insurance companies partners usually belong to the banking institutions, but can also be autonomous. The status of the banking establishment and the insurer does not matter. The essential for the intermediary is to obtain an offer that meets the expectations of his client.

The logic is that the more the number of its partners is important, the more the intermediary is likely to satisfy its customers through a panel of diverse offers. If one lending institution refuses, another may approve their request.

The strength of the banking intermediary Rhett Butler Rhett Butler Conseil lies in the number and quality of its partners. Hence its exceptional ability to offer the best credit buyback conditions.


Non-repayable loans for young farmers

Agriculture is one of the sectors that is offering more satisfaction,

Agriculture is one of the sectors that is offering more satisfaction,

Especially to the younger sections of the population: there are many boys and girls who, due to the difficulties in obtaining a stable and gratifying job, decide to return to the countryside, putting on small and medium-sized companies, with more than satisfactory results. For this reason, a wide range of non-repayable loans for young farmers has been established: these funds are intended to keep the provinces and small rural centers alive, encourage generational turnover on farms and thus improve their efficiency ( as well as the quality of the products), through the inclusion in them of graduated and qualified personnel.

Farms can be of various kinds;

Farms can be of various kinds;

however, the most successful cases are those that place on the market a high quality product, certified and rooted in the territory (for example fine wines, spices, oil, organic and typical agriculture, etc.), or which also support other services with production, like agritourisms or riding schools.

Through the e-commerce phenomenon, these companies manage to get in touch with buyers located also in other parts of the world: there are cases of high quality wines exported to China or Japan, and the possibilities are truly endless, if you work with passion and with an eye on new promotion and sales channels!

Support for young farmers

Support for young farmers

For young farmers who need an economic ‘push’ to start their project, there is a non-repayable loan, disbursed in a lump sum in two installments: the first is disbursed during the initial phases, while it is possible to obtain the second, only if the objectives set in the business plan have been achieved, and therefore following an audit, which also includes the acquisition of skills and compliance with current regulations.

Those young people who are under the age of 40 and who intend to establish themselves on a farm as head of the firm can benefit from this support; they also have a period of 36 months to acquire the necessary professional skills, if they do not already have them at the time of requesting the loan.

The young farmer can be either the sole owner of the company, or one of the owners; it is also possible to access the aforementioned funds, even when the asset belongs to another legal entity, provided that it is demonstrated that it is able to manage and manage the company independently. Therefore, the applicant must personally take on the risks that the management entails, exercising full control over all aspects related to the production, administration and marketing of the products.

How to use the loan

How to use the loan

We also come to another vital issue: how can the loan be used? What aspects of business management can be covered?

The non-repayable loan can be used to cover various expenses, we see which:

  • notary fees and advice;
  • purchase of goods, land, buildings and agricultural vehicles;
  • purchase of the tools necessary for production;
  • cattle purchase;
  • purchase of agricultural production rights.

It should be remembered, however, that in order to obtain funding, it is necessary for the young farmer to certify his willingness to establish himself as a head of company and to hold that position for a period of at least five years. Furthermore, it is necessary to present a precise business plan, ie a detailed plan that explains the various stages of the company’s development, the strategies, the costs, the amounts allocated and the objectives to be achieved within a predetermined period of time: if the project is convincing, the chances of getting good funding will certainly be greater!

Who can you contact to get grants for young farmers?

Who can you contact to get grants for young farmers?

To obtain the financing to start up their own business, or to take over as head of a company in an existing business, the young farmer must submit the application to Invibank, the agency that evaluates the new projects and provides the necessary amounts for their start. In this way it is possible to receive almost total coverage of the initial costs, the costs for training and for the purchase of the machinery.



Ask yourself these questions before applying for a loan


Do you have doubts asking for a loan? Perhaps there are some considerations that you have to make before you have a responsible attitude with your economy and finances: you will need to check the status of your personal and business accounts. You should think about how you are going to repay the loan and how much money you really need.

From Good Finance we suggest you ask yourself some of these key questions before requesting a loan:

How much money and what do you need it for?

How much money and what do you need it for?

This is the first question and perhaps one of the most important. If you want to ask for a loan for a very small amount, maybe it is preferable to give up certain pleasures and save, as long as possible. For example, you want to buy a jean for $ 1000.

Think that a credit, however small, extra expenses (commissions, interest, etc.) that will make your purchase more expensive. Perhaps for a purchase of this style it is convenient for a month to go to eat out or cut a little in some daily consumption to get to buy what you want.

On the other hand, a very different situation is if you have to repair the car or pay bills because they can cut your service and you don’t have time to wait, then it’s another story and an online loan may be the solution.

Do you need money urgently?

Do you need money urgently?

If the answer is yes, an online loan is a quick answer. We recommend that you try our simulator, where you can request between $ 3000 and $ 6000 to be credited to your account in a matter of hours.

When we have an unforeseen issue that we need to urgently solve and we have no money saved, loans are the best solution.

Can you return it in a timely manner?

Can you return it in a timely manner?

That is, when you have to return the loan money, will you be able to pay it back? Do you have any kind of income that allows you to assume the installments in the agreed term? If an unforeseen event arose, some expense that you have to pay urgently and that did not fall within your monthly budget, it is logical that you consider applying for a loan.

But keep in mind that the next month you will have to start returning it and you have to have an income to do so.

Are you sure how much the borrowed money will cost you?

Are you sure how much the borrowed money will cost you?

At all times you should be clear about how much the total amount to pay for the loan will be with the interest and commissions it entails.

From Good Finance we want to be as transparent and clear as possible, so we show you in our simulator how much the loan will cost you and for how much each installment will be debited from your account. The saying goes: clear accounts retain friendship! and we want to be the hand that helps you get up when you have a stumble and need help.

What happens to payment delays?

In the absence of payment, the financial institution that has lent you money will activate the late payment interest, you must also count on that if you are going to have problems in collecting your next income.

You also have to keep in mind that the non-payment of a loan, as of any debt, may also imply the inclusion in a list of delinquents, which will close the doors to the requests for next loans.
If you are hesitating to ask for your loan, send us your questions that we will answer as soon as possible.


Residential Property Credit Law

property loan

On 26.2.2016, the Federal Council passed the Law on the Mortgage Credit Directive. In particular, it aims to protect consumers from insolvency and oblige banks to better audit their clients before lending.

Loans only after close scrutiny.In the future, a loan may only be granted once the credit institution has carefully examined whether the claimant is solvent. The customer can terminate the loan agreement at any time – without payment of a prepayment penalty – if the lender has violated his obligations and despite the lack of creditworthiness, a contract has been concluded.
For real estate loans, the review must be particularly thorough. Because with a loan for the purchase of an apartment or a house, the buyer enters high financial obligations and thus risks. Before concluding a real estate loan, the lender must fully understand the client’s financial and personal situation, preferences and goals. He should be able to make a suitable recommendation.

Tying transactions are inadmissible

In the case of real estate loans, there is also a widespread ban on so-called tying transactions in which the loan is only available as a package with other financial products or services, such as savings accounts, Pfandbriefe or insurances. Exempted from this are consumer interest products such as Bauspar or Riester savings contracts.

Annual percentage rate of charge

The calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge shall include the interest to be paid by the consumer and any other costs, including any intermediation costs.

No eternal right of withdrawal

In order to exclude a “perpetual right of revocation”, it expires in the future at the latest after one year and 14 days. For so-called “old contracts”, which were concluded between 1. 8.2002 and 10.6.2010, the right of withdrawal no longer applies as previously unlimited. It ends at the latest 3 months after the entry into force of the law on 21.3.2016.

More expertise of intermediaries

Real estate loan brokers must in the future lead a certificate of competence, register and take out a professional indemnity insurance. The Federal Government is now also introducing the independent fee consultant for real estate loans. He must base his advice on a sufficient overview of the market and only receive his compensation from the customer who commissions him.

More protection with high disbursement rates

In case of permanent or significant overdraft of accounts institutions must offer advice on cheaper alternatives. This occurs when the customer consistently utilizes the overdraft overdraft framework for 6 months, averaging 75%. Or, on a tolerated overdraft over 3 months, he overdraws his account on average by more than 50% of the monthly cash receipt.
The consultation must take place in a personal conversation – possibly also by telephone. The place and time of the conversation must be documented. The offer must be repeated as soon as the conditions specified are met again. In addition, institutions must clearly disclose the amount of interest on the credit line on their website.


How to properly negotiate a loan to buy credit?

To begin the year on a good financial basis, nothing like a relief of the expenses of the home. For those whose overall debt burden is too high, pooling credit is the appropriate solution.

This procedure allows you to lower your debt ratio by integrating all your receivables into a single envelope. To access the loan restructuring, it is necessary to solicit financial institutions. So how to make the best choice with the proposals that will be proposed.

The key role of the loan repurchase broker

The key role of the loan repurchase broker

The broker business is at the heart of the credit buyback operation. He acts as an intermediary in banking operations (IOB) and in this capacity he represents you with financial organizations specializing in financial restructuring.

It must be known, these are not banks of details. Unlike the banks that deal with us on a daily basis, the financial organizations that are experts in credit redemption do not have an agency to welcome customers. It is therefore the broker who defends the file of each of his customers in order to find them the ideal solution.

A climate of trust is then essential so that the broker of repurchase of loans can have an irreproachable knowledge of the file of his customers. It is only through reliable and complete information that he can make the proposal that corresponds to the wishes of the customer.

Different restructuring needs according to each situation

Before negotiating the financial conditions that will be applied to a loan consolidation, it is necessary to take stock of its situation and the needs arising from it.

Each situation is different and this is not defined solely by the budget. Indeed, it is also essential to take into account the future prospects for the home as well as the professional evolutions envisaged.

For example, for a couple approaching retirement, the monthly payments must be calculated according to the income forecasts at the time of retirement.

In this sense there are no “better” borrowing conditions, each situation is different. To negotiate your loan buyout is first and foremost to respond to the particularities of the home in order to guarantee the long-term financial stability that we will create.

Compare the credit buyback offer to better choose

Compare the credit buyback offer to better choose

It is without context one of the leading rules of the informed consumers. To make the best choice, it is necessary to compare all the established proposals.

The credit buyback broker will play a major role in helping the client to understand the proposals made and to quantify them. Once again, this step is assessed in a context of trust.


Credit: Will The Rates Go Up?

If rates do not go down and have even started to rebound this summer, that’s good news too. At least from a macroeconomic point of view. Indeed, the end of the fall in rates marks the return of growth and economic recovery. Even if the latter is still not very noticeable in France. The second upward factor is more seasonal.

Why are rates no longer falling?

mortgage rates

Many transactions are carried out during the summer holidays, for reasons of organization with schools. Which pushed up the tariffs upwards. Another explanation is that ten-year Treasury bond yields, which partly affect the level of mortgage interest rates, have begun to rise for several months. After a long slide, they started climbing from April.

“While the 10-year OAT rate has risen by more than 85 basis points between mid-April and mid-July, real estate mortgage rates have only increased by 16 points since June,” said Credit. Housing. The OAT is today at 0.95% while it was at 1.05% at the end of July. Finally, as rightly pointed out ES Microcredit, “the banks are crumbling under the demands of renegotiations of loans and to slow down this important flow some have been tempted to increase their rates”.

It’s still time to buy


If you have an acquisition project, we must not lose sight of the fact that the rates charged at the end of the year, despite the small increases that occurred this summer, are still very interesting. As ES Microcredit, Communication Manager at EEI Credit points out, “last March we proposed a fixed rate of 2% over 20 years. In April it rose to 1.80% over 20 years, in May to 1.74%. From June rates have risen to 1.80% in June and 2.15% in July.

As a reminder, in September 2014, average rates were higher: 2.85% over 20 years. But according to ES Microcredit they should remain attractive for a few months: “everything suggests that we are moving from now to a rate stability until the end of the year, except exceptional event. And given the accommodative policy currently being pursued by the ECB, which has kept its key rate at 0.05%, we are not planning a significant increase. ”

Winning strategy

Make yourself less expensive. Still, if the rates increase a little, the borrower has some assets in his game to assert when taking out his loan. First of all, we should not focus on the gross rate, but rather on the overall effective rate that includes all fees (administrative fees, interest rates and death and disability insurance). If you are young and in good health do not hesitate to do what is called a delegation of insurance. You will then leave the group contract of the lending bank which is very general and you will take out a contract cheaper. This insurance delegation will very largely offset the increases recorded since the cost of insurance is halved on average. It is only necessary that the coverage of the contract is at least equivalent to the group contract of the bank.

If you are a first-time buyer, know that you will average your first acquisition seven years. You will then come back for bigger. Since borrowing conditions are still particularly attractive, it would be a shame to lose them in a few years. You can keep them by making a loan transfer. This modality must be specified from the start. “A large majority of banks now offer this opportunity,” said ES Microcredit. And to add: “mixed credits at fixed and revisable rates have reappeared”. Another possibility to compensate for the rise in rates is the extension of the repayment period.

It will dampen the rate increase. According to CL Bank, in August the loan term was 243 months for the accession to the new. “In a growing market, the lengthening of the durations observed in August largely offsets the increase in credit rates observed since last June,” notes CL Bank. The share of loans over 25 was 18% in the first quarter of the year. It is now close to 21%. “The current levels of credit conditions allow many households to enter the market for accession, for long periods, without this penalizes”, according to CL Bank.


Credit agencies in France – Choose the cheapest

credit loan

There are many companies that offer financing offers in France. In order to better discern them, it is necessary to determine its needs and take into account the different types of credit that can be found there: consumer credit, revolving credit, real estate credit, repurchase of credit, borrower insurance.

Most financial companies offer several loan offers, while others have focused their activity on a specific type of loan, such as credit redemption. To help you choose the right credit, we have listed the main players in each category. After comparing the offers of these credit agencies, you will be free to choose the one that seems to offer the best rate or the best offer adapted to your situation.

Consumer loan organizations

Consumer loan organizations

Do you need to borrow money to finance the purchase of a vehicle or work? You will certainly need to subscribe to a credit or a personal loan. To do this, you will certainly apply for credit from a financial institution. But here it is not easy to find and choose from the amount of credit house and the multitude of offers. The question then is how to find a cheap credit? Which financial institution to choose: specialized agency or bank?

The answer is simple: use a credit comparator. You will save valuable time, because in a few minutes you will discover the best credit agencies that meet your needs. You can then compare the amounts proposed, the interest rate, the repayment term and the total cost of the credit.

Revolving credit agencies

Revolving credit agencies

You can subscribe to a revolving credit at a consumer credit institution without proof as Parte Zero or in a supermarket sign such as conforama or leclerc.

Credit redemption consists of consolidating several outstanding loans into a single new credit in order to reduce the overall monthly payment. In France, the main credit redemption organizations are: Rose finance, Soletus, Partners Finance, Credit&Go, etc.

Real estate credit agencies

The mortgage is intended to finance all or part of a real estate purchase, a construction operation, or renovation work for real estate. In France there are many actors who offer this kind of loan. Our advice is that you should always do a real estate mortgage simulation before subscribing.

Credit without proof Cafeniga – Subscribe online

Cafeniga, is one of the main consumer credit organization in France. As part of the Safe Money Personal Finance group, Cafeniga has been able to impose its reputation on the credit market, thanks in particular to the quality of its services and the diversity of its offers: personal loan, auto credit, credit works, repurchase of credit, etc. . Let’s take a look at Cafeniga’s consumer credit offers, which have made it famous over time.

We must already know that consumer credit is a financial product that helps many people to realize their project. Buying durable goods such as a vehicle, a service such as studies, travel financing or marriage, the opportunities are many. More and more households are using credit institutions such as Cafeniga.

Online Credit Gemcrop Bank

Online Credit \

Banque Gemcrop is a credit institution created in 2001 and is a subsidiary of the Gemcrop Group and the Mutal Credit CIC network. It offers a very wide range of financial products and services such as: consumer loans, personal loans, revolving loans, credit redemption, loan insurance, as well as various payment solutions and bank cards. If you are looking for a credit or a means of payment, do not hesitate to visit the Banque Gemcrop website, its advisors will accompany you in your approach.

Consumer Credit Lofigis

Consumer Credit Lofigis

Lofigis is a credit company that provides its clients with various financing solutions to help them realize their projects. Created in 1982, Lofigis has more than 2 million customers currently. In addition to this he has been elected Best Customer Service for this year. This confirms that he is one of the leaders in the consumer credit market in France.

Specialized in online credit (consumer credit, personal loan and revolving credit) and the purchase of credit, Lofigis will meet your various financing needs.

Catelane personal loan from 1%: Subscribe online

More and more French households are using consumer credit to finance and realize their personal projects. Purchase of property, service financing, constitution of a treasury, realization of works and various projects of life are invariably the main purposes of these financial commitments. In a society where everything is going fast, the French are paying more and more attention to projects that would generate big expenses. Thus, without having to touch their hard-earned savings, the personal loan solution remains a profitable alternative.


Figure On The Increase In Consumer Credit

Since 2015, consumer credit has been rising steadily and the first quarter of 2018 only confirms this trend. 3.3%, this is the increase recorded by the French association of financial companies, an increase which concerns mainly the lease with option to buy but not that.

The LOA, the new consumer practice

consumer credit

The rental with option to purchase seduces more and more consumer lambda. The proof ? Compared to the first three months of 2017, the first quarter of 2018 saw a jump of 15.4% with a transaction volume of € 1.8 billion in LOA. The big part of this market is the acquisition of a new vehicle. Nevertheless, it is the acquisition of used vehicles that is causing a sensation, with a rise of 57% for the same period. We must believe that consumer behavior has profoundly metamorphosed in recent years, finding in the occasion a way to ensure mobility without breaking the bank.

Personal Payday Loan, a particularly affectionate loan

personal loan

The personal payday loan is an unrestricted consumer loan . This means that the borrower has full freedom in the destination of funds, travel financing, marriage, children’s education, etc. This total freedom certainly explains why the French love this loan formula, not binding and can be used to overcome the temporary difficulties. The personal payday loan logically records a rise of 1.5% for the first quarter of 2018. With a majority share of 30% among all consumer loans. Of the € 10 billion, the 3.4 billion were subscribed in the form of unassigned personal payday loan.

Other credits back

payday credit

Apart from the personal payday loan, other credits all recorded a significant decline. For the auto loan, it declined by 6% for the first quarter of this year. Recall that the auto loan is an assigned loan, intended for the acquisition of new vehicle. Certainly the rise of the LOA explains this decline. It is the same for the loan works which decreases of 2% on this same period, loan works which is most of the time assigned to the works of renovation of the house, insulation, change of heating, etc. As for the revolving credit or revolving credit, the consumer depends less and less and the formula has recorded during the first three months of 2018 an increase of -0.7%.

The 3% rise in consumer credit remains mixed, since not all consumer loans are affected. If the personal payday loan has taken a leap forward, other conventional formulas such as loans affected, they record a decrease. We are witnessing especially a small revolution in the consumption pattern of the French, finding more their account in the lease with option to buy, allowing them to choose between renting and buying, but especially in the craze for the occasion .