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The housewife’s credit

The housewife

In most cases, those who have a negative Credit Bureau entry will not receive any money from their house bank. But there is a solution: The housewife credit is needed! However, caution is advised here, because providers who work without a credit check are often dubious.

The housewife loan is basically a normal consumer loan, as it is granted by banks, savings banks or online banks. Some providers on the Internet expressly advertise that no credit check is carried out.

However, there are serious providers of housewife loans that are offered through credit intermediaries or foreign financial service providers. It is important to remember, however, that if the Credit Bureau information is not provided, generally worse conditions are offered. Housewife’s credit can quickly become an expensive pleasure that only increases the mountain of debt.

Disadvantages of the housewife loan:

  • high interest rates
  • high fees
  • exact conditions are only given on request

There are no generally valid loan offers here, these are precisely tailored to the respective customer. Loans are processed via the Internet, which can even be done very quickly. Anyone who makes an inquiry will get an answer within a few hours.
The lower limit for housewife loans is 500 USD for most providers.

The advantages of a housewife loan are:

The advantages of a housewife loan are:

  • prompt processing of the request
  • with approval: rapid payment of the loan amount
  • Even small financing requests are taken into account (from 500 USD)
  • Lending possible without a Credit Bureau check

However, the housewife loan is not always granted. It is not necessary to have a permanent job and you do not need a regular income. However, it must be proven that there is enough money left each month to repay the loan installments if all expenses are deducted. Proof of salary must be provided if available. If necessary, a surety can also be consulted.

CAUTION: If you do not have a secure financial position and have had payment problems before, you should not carelessly take out a housewife loan. There is a great danger that the debt trap will become a bottomless pit. Even low loan amounts can become a major burden due to the high interest rates.

Everyone should ask the question here: Do I really need the loan? Or can the planned purchase wait a little longer? Satisfying consumer needs has become the top priority – but this should not be the case if debts already exist.

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