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There are many companies that offer financing offers in France. In order to better discern them, it is necessary to determine its needs and take into account the different types of credit that can be found there: consumer credit, revolving credit, real estate credit, repurchase of credit, borrower insurance.

Most financial companies offer several loan offers, while others have focused their activity on a specific type of loan, such as credit redemption. To help you choose the right credit, we have listed the main players in each category. After comparing the offers of these credit agencies, you will be free to choose the one that seems to offer the best rate or the best offer adapted to your situation.

Consumer loan organizations

Consumer loan organizations

Do you need to borrow money to finance the purchase of a vehicle or work? You will certainly need to subscribe to a credit or a personal loan. To do this, you will certainly apply for credit from a financial institution. But here it is not easy to find and choose from the amount of credit house and the multitude of offers. The question then is how to find a cheap credit? Which financial institution to choose: specialized agency or bank?

The answer is simple: use a credit comparator. You will save valuable time, because in a few minutes you will discover the best credit agencies that meet your needs. You can then compare the amounts proposed, the interest rate, the repayment term and the total cost of the credit.

Revolving credit agencies

Revolving credit agencies

You can subscribe to a revolving credit at a consumer credit institution without proof as Parte Zero or in a supermarket sign such as conforama or leclerc.

Credit redemption consists of consolidating several outstanding loans into a single new credit in order to reduce the overall monthly payment. In France, the main credit redemption organizations are: Rose finance, Soletus, Partners Finance, Credit&Go, etc.

Real estate credit agencies

The mortgage is intended to finance all or part of a real estate purchase, a construction operation, or renovation work for real estate. In France there are many actors who offer this kind of loan. Our advice is that you should always do a real estate mortgage simulation before subscribing.

Credit without proof Cafeniga – Subscribe online

Cafeniga, is one of the main consumer credit organization in France. As part of the Safe Money Personal Finance group, Cafeniga has been able to impose its reputation on the credit market, thanks in particular to the quality of its services and the diversity of its offers: personal loan, auto credit, credit works, repurchase of credit, etc. . Let’s take a look at Cafeniga’s consumer credit offers, which have made it famous over time.

We must already know that consumer credit is a financial product that helps many people to realize their project. Buying durable goods such as a vehicle, a service such as studies, travel financing or marriage, the opportunities are many. More and more households are using credit institutions such as Cafeniga.

Online Credit Gemcrop Bank

Online Credit \

Banque Gemcrop is a credit institution created in 2001 and is a subsidiary of the Gemcrop Group and the Mutal Credit CIC network. It offers a very wide range of financial products and services such as: consumer loans, personal loans, revolving loans, credit redemption, loan insurance, as well as various payment solutions and bank cards. If you are looking for a credit or a means of payment, do not hesitate to visit the Banque Gemcrop website, its advisors will accompany you in your approach.

Consumer Credit Lofigis

Consumer Credit Lofigis

Lofigis is a credit company that provides its clients with various financing solutions to help them realize their projects. Created in 1982, Lofigis has more than 2 million customers currently. In addition to this he has been elected Best Customer Service for this year. This confirms that he is one of the leaders in the consumer credit market in France.

Specialized in online credit (consumer credit, personal loan and revolving credit) and the purchase of credit, Lofigis will meet your various financing needs.

Catelane personal loan from 1%: Subscribe online

More and more French households are using consumer credit to finance and realize their personal projects. Purchase of property, service financing, constitution of a treasury, realization of works and various projects of life are invariably the main purposes of these financial commitments. In a society where everything is going fast, the French are paying more and more attention to projects that would generate big expenses. Thus, without having to touch their hard-earned savings, the personal loan solution remains a profitable alternative.

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