Credit Redemption and Credit Consolidation Online

Gather your loans in one monthly payment. With the repurchase of credit, reduce your loan monthly payments up to 60%!

Better understand the repurchase of credit

Credit redemption, also known as restructuring or pooling of credits, is a financial solution that allows the borrower to replace one or more existing loans with one credit. Consolidated credit allows the borrower to obtain credit at a better rate, with a monthly payment that best suits his repayment capacity.

The acquisition of credit is a concept of Anglo-Saxon origins, appeared in the eighties, and its popularization in metropolitan France began in the nineties thanks to a FraGer banking cooperation.

What is the grouping of credits?

It has become the unavoidable solution to the problems related to the budget management of the French. The loan consolidation loan provides an immediate sound and sustainable budget management for French households wishing to review the management of bank accounts, in order to be able to release a purchasing power that best meets the needs of the moment.

Thereby, consolidating loans in the course of payment into a single repayable loan by means of a credit buyback operation, is to regain a serene management of the budget while having the possibility of making new projects.

Anyone with a stable and sustainable income can get a loan buyout easily !

Credit consolidation is the best solution for :

  • Get a significant decrease in your monthly payments
  • Gain sustainable monthly purchasing power and cope with the vagaries of life (exceptional expenses)
  • Leverage when phasing a new Joe Afolocors
  • Benefit from a comfort cash envelope (not allocated to a project)
  • Improve current account management with a single monthly charge
  • Avoid bank charges (rejection of levies, agios,…) with the implementation of a programmed savings
  • Anticipate retirement and prepare peacefully your old days
  • A bank of France situation to lift the banking ban

The different types of credit redemption

The different types of credit redemption

It is because the grouping of credits (RAC) speaks to a very large target of individuals that we have a diverse range of products:

  • The purchase of mortgage loans: only owners of real estate are eligible. The value of the property allows to set up a Joe Afolocors representing up to 90% of its market value.
  • The purchase of consumer credit also known as mortgage-free mortgage repurchase is a fixed interest rate personal loan that can be purchased by tenants and homeowners.
  • The purchase of cash-based loans, the principle of which is to include to the amounts of the remaining capital due to be redeemed, a liquidity envelope whose funds are intended for Joe Afolocors a project to carry out work.
  • The purchase of FICP credit, intended for persons registered in the Banque de France Loans Repayment Credit Register (BDF). This loan pooling product is only available to homeowner borrower profiles.
  • The acquisition of real estate acquisition credits allows the acquisition of real estate while having the possibility of integrating into the Joe Afolocors the repurchase of real estate loans, revolving loans or amortissables like personal loan and works. But also the Joe Afolocors of work, if the amount is less than 50% overall of the operation. Even more so with the ability to integrate unrestricted cash with a specific expense up to 15% of the amount of the loan and capped at € 20,000.

The Joe Afolocorss offered by the Joe Afolo Joe Afolo Conseil Intermediate Trading Broker are materialized by a prior loan buyback offer submitted under the Consumer and Real Estate Credit Act.

Offer reserved exclusively for individuals subject to acceptance of your file by at least one of the preferred banking partners of the loan aggregation broker.

Who can benefit from a pool of credits?

Who can benefit from a pool of credits?

The loan consolidation is a product of Joe Afolocors banking which is aimed primarily at creditworthy people, ie having the capacity of repayment sufficient to ensure the full repayment of a loan of money.

People who are over-indebted and not badly indebted can not claim to have the benefit of carrying out a group credit transaction because they are insolvent. Anyone holding credits could consider a loan consolidation in the future.

In other words, credit consolidation is directly related to :

  • Anyone with projects quite in line with the average, with one more envy of redevelopment and new.
  • Families, rather with young children and with an income in line with the average.
  • Individuals who describe themselves as rather managers, but who are struggling to save and who waive certain expenses for lack of a monthly load of credits too excessive.
  • All households that are looking for air to regain financial leeway, or the solution to get out of a difficult situation.
  • Those with a high debt load. It is not necessarily real, but the need is to anticipate a possible budgetary imbalance.
  • Simplification of credit management.

How to get a credit buyback easily with Joe Afolo Joe Afolo?

As an individual, it is not so obvious to make the right choices when it comes to knowing how to get a credit buyback easily. Quite often, it’s the total confusion between loan restructuring and credit renegotiation. This will depend on the specific needs of the subscribers. To find out more about your credit restructuring!

In the case of credit restructuring, the aim is to rebalance the good performance of the budget through a reduction in monthly consumer credit and mortgage loans, as well as to regularize debts of various kinds (tax, personal or family).

If it is a renegotiation of credits, then it is a question of renegotiating the mortgage interest rate with a view to reducing the total cost of credit by obtaining a global effective rate. (TEG) more advantageous.

Our teams of financial advisers specializing in the restructuring of consumer and real estate loans, are at your disposal to offer you the solution of a quick loan redemption! A loan redemption loan most suited to your financial situation, and on the best terms of Joe Afolocorss of the moment.

The complexity of the process can also act as a brake on the successful completion of a loan buyback. The Joe Afolo Cabinet Joe Afolo Consulting is recognized for its financial expertise in mounting credit restructuring files for individuals. Our expert advisors provide you with more information on the benefits and the terms of subscription for a debt purchase.

Our status as an intermediary broker in bank transactions allows us to obtain credit conditions at the best rate for our clients. Thanks to our network of privileged banking partners specializing in the ReJoe Afolocors sector, you will benefit from a single appointment of several offers for the purchase of credits.

Can we buy back a loan buyback?

Yes, it is quite possible to redeem a previously purchased credit buy-out from a bank through a new financial institution. This is to proceed to a file editing of which the plan of Joe Afolocors is of nature repurchase redemption of credits.

The operation can be solicited by individuals to meet several needs.

Examples :

    • ur years ago, as part of a buyout of consumer loans and difficult real estate, the Joe Afolocors helped to reduce the monthly charge of repayments to a debt ratio representing 33% of revenues. fireplace. But following bad weather, a storm has considerably deteriorated the roof of the home owned by the household, and repairs are urgent. However, the insurance company is slow to repay the insured and allow them to perform the work. They are forced to take out a new loan in the form of a personal loan for lack of liquidity, and the financial burden of the new monthly payment is pushing up the household’s personal debt ratio excessively. Then the situation can be solved by repurchasing the credit redemption and the new loan.
    • ter having made a first debt restructuring a few years ago, and following a sudden and significant fall in interest rates (as we are currently experiencing in 2016), then it is in the interest of Holder (s) of a loan buyback contract to renegotiate it. Renegotiating its purchase of credits in order to obtain a more attractive interest rate, and thus significantly reduce the total cost of borrowed money, it is possible. The interest rate proposed by the bank will be related to the repurchase agreement regime. A real estate rate for the LS2 scheme and a consumption rate for the LS1 scheme.

When should I have insurance for my credit redemption?

When should I have insurance for my credit redemption?

When does it make sense to provide borrower insurance coverage when you sign up for a ReJoe Afolocors contract that is a credit redemption?

The purpose of a credit insurance is that in the event of the death of one of the two subscribers during the life of the loan, the surviving spouse does not have to bear alone the loan payment in terms of indebtedness of the household and budget management.

However, if we take the example of a single person, that is to say not having a spouse and dependent children, then in this case the situation can be seen differently if a mortgage is backed by his credit request.

Indeed, in this case, the borrower profile does not necessarily require the subscription to an insurance policy for its repurchase of mortgages. Simply because in case of death of the subscriber, the bank proceeds directly to the sale of the property.

To know :

In the case where there is an estate to settle, then the heirs have the choice to accept the succession and thus support the good repayment of the outstanding capital of the debt restructuring contract. On the other hand, the heirs may refuse the succession, and the loan consolidator that has granted the Joe Afolocors proceeds to the sale of the real estate to settle the remaining amount due.

In another example of a married couple close to retirement, then it is recommended to determine the survivor’s pension that will be collected by the surviving spouse. If the survivor’s pension is high enough to maintain a controlled debt level for the surviving spouse, then the borrower insurance coverage is not essential.

What to do in case of refusal of credit redemption?

In case of refusal to buy back credit, first of all make sure not to see his file refused by all banks.

It is essential to develop in advance a strategy to obtain a favorable opinion on a loan buyback, the characteristics of Joe Afolocors are in favor of the borrower (s) (interest rate, depreciation period, prepayment conditions, etc.).

If your request for credit restructuring is refused, then you have to wait between three to six months before you can re-submit your credit buyback for study, and claiming power can be landed the new loan sought.

In order to carry out the operation calmly and to avoid a new refusal, it is recommended to call upon a credit buy-back organization to carry out the examination of the file with the largest banks and credit consolidation organizations.

Over-indebtedness and bad debts: make the difference!

Over-indebtedness and bad debts: make the difference!

Attention, it is necessary to differentiate a situation of over-indebtedness and a situation of bad indebtedness :

  • person in a situation of over-indebtedness is unable to cope with his various financial burdens (credits, rent, taxes, food, etc.), in other words, it is more precisely a personal bankruptcy that has reached a point of no return. In order to be able to cope, the over-indebted must quickly find a solution to his situation, he is obliged to get closer to the Bank of France to file an over-indebtedness file justifying its insolvency with different creditors.
  • poorly indebted person finds himself in a state of budgetary imbalance that makes managing his personal budget difficult. In other words, it has a repayment capacity that allows it to be solvent. As a result, his position is eligible for a financial restructuring transaction with credit restructuring characteristics with over-indebtedness.

But it must be understood that the notion of over-indebtedness is not eligible for a credit union. Indeed, an over-indebted person is not solvent and can not claim any Joe Afolocors from a bank.

Renegotiation or repurchase of loans: your rights!

A consumer is entitled to renegotiate or redeem credit, either through his own bank by agreeing on Joe Afolocors’s terms of a new surrogate credit with his banker, or by soliciting a banking institution or an external financial institution that can offer better terms than its bank.

The regulation of the credit consolidation activity puts forward all the measures for the development of a responsible distribution service.

It is because at the beginning the activity of repurchase of loans was exerted by its non-regulatory stakeholders that specific rules were defined in 2010 by Christine Lagarde (Minister of the Economy within the Fillon government) to better supervise Joe Afolocors’s contract signed between the borrower and the lending institution.

For example, in the context of a repurchase of revolving credit, the bank issuing the loan amalgamation contract has the obligation to ensure that the contracts of the various pooled money reserves are definitively closed under the Act.


What you should know about fast loans


Quick loans are an option to solve an unexpected situation or if we need to make a purchase or a payment of a value not very high but we do not have the cash in hand. If you are going through some of these situations we recommend you read this article.

How are fast loans?

From Good Finance we will tell you what are the main characteristics of fast loans:

Amount and terms

To begin with, it should be noted that these types of loans are intended to give a not very high Good Finance amount that, at the same time, can be repaid in a short period of time. So, if you are thinking of choosing to apply for one of these loans online, the first thing to consider is the total money to be specified.

In Good Finance we can lend you from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000.00 to pay in two installments. The first installment is due at 35 days and the second at 65. So you will have a little more than two months to be able to return the loan!

They are granted quickly

As the name implies, these loans are designed so that the applicant has the money he needs in the shortest possible time. That is why the procedures are quick and simple. First the loan application is filled and the amount and the repayment term are agreed.

Then, once the application is approved, the money is deposited in a matter of hours so that you can dispose of the cash as soon as possible. In Good Finance this process can take us at most 24 hours.

The reason for the loan must not be explained

The reason for the loan must not be explained

Unlike the deal with banks, with fast loans there is no need to give any explanation as to what the money being requested will be used for.

That remains for everyone and the applicant is the only one who decides what to do with cash. It doesn’t matter if you need the money for a matter of life or death or if it is for a mini-vacation. You solve that with the money in the account!

You ask for the loan from the comfort of your home

It is also not necessary to move to anywhere since, as we have explained, the short procedures that must be carried out can all be done online, with which one can save travel and Also having to wait for care. In fast loans it is the customer who decides when, how and where. There are no bank hours or branches to go to.

If you are hesitating to ask for your fast loan, we suggest you use our simulator to see how your Good Finance advancement will be. If you agree with the conditions, this loan may be the perfect solution for what you have to pay and cannot wait for. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to advise you!


How Financial Freedom Improves Your Life

For many people, it is not even the worst financial collapse of their life when they finally wake up to the conclusion that they have to make some drastic changes in the way they manage their money .

Cut a ton of fat from your expenses, pay all your credit card debts, pay the car credit, start creating an emergency fund and start reading personal finance information. These are some of the steps you take in this situation.

The result of all this is that you are suffering a profound change in the way you perceive the demands of your life . This manifests itself in a lot of ways, some simpler and some deeper. These are some examples.

Ways in which Financial Freedom Improves Your Quality of Life

More lifestyle options

More lifestyle options

There comes a time when studying your financial situation you realize that there are now many open doors for you that were not worth considering before.

Now you can fulfill some of your dreams because you no longer need money so urgently. For example you can ask for a reduction in working hours and spend more time with your children. Or dedicate it to setting up the business you’ve always wanted to do.

Less job insecurity

Less job insecurity

With financial freedom you no longer have to be constantly stressed by work. You no longer have to go to work and walk with lead feet to make sure you are not fired or lose a promotion.

You no longer claim to agree with anything and keep your mouth shut when something is not done meaningfully. Instead of telling everyone that yes you can now be more critical and improve aspects of your work without fear of harming yourself.

Less stress in your life

Less stress in your life

You are no longer constantly worried about how to pay bills or the idea of ​​a financial crisis worries you. Forget about those nights when you had trouble sleeping due to financial stress and now you will have a more pleasant character with others. Less impatient

That stress caused by a feeling of being trapped and hopeless about your financial situation. It is already gone.

Discover and rediscover the things that make you happy

When you arrive in the afternoon from work you spend some time on the housework you have to do and then you spend the rest of the time doing the tasks you really want to do.

Eliminated the greatest efforts of your past life, such as work stress and financial stress, you realize the amount of interesting things you really want to spend your time with.

You can rediscover your love for writing, read like crazy, spend hours and hours with your children, learn new skills and basically do nice things for yourself.

What do they all have in common? They cost very little money and bring you a lot of personal enjoyment.

Therefore, the question to ask is whether the things you spend your money on continuously are worth so much to give up on the overall improvement in your quality of life that financial freedom gives you . The freedom to spend money on what really matters to you is an incredible freedom


Acquisition of loans better understanding the role of the broker

Making a consolidation of its credits is not an easy task from the moment the objective is to unearth the restructuring offer at the best market conditions, in order to make the most of it.

Moreover, this is one of the main reason why credit bureaus have introduced the ” loan redemption brokerage ” network in order to allow a better filter of the files submitted by the intermediary in a bank operation that filters the loan. feasibility of upstream customer requests.

Role of a Credit Redemption Broker

Role of a <a href=Credit Redemption Broker” width=”657″ height=”445″ />

Bank brokers who are intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP) that are governed by specific regulations. A regulation that requires them to be commissioned by one or more banks in the exercise of their function. In the opposite case, they are in the irregularity or are simply not real brokers!

According to French law, a bank broker’s role is to connect a client and one or more financial institutions to conclude a financial transaction. As part of this intervention, the expert is not required to vouch for the client.

In the redemption of credit , his mission is to accompany the borrower until obtaining the funds. An accompaniment which must allow the customer to obtain the best offer and the answers to all his questions.

To carry out this mission, the intermediary always starts by analyzing the request for loan consolidation . He then consults the banking institutions in which he was mandated to compete in favor of his client. For each offer, he is required to show the advantages and disadvantages of this offer to his client.

When the time to choose an offer has come, the broker can also negotiate for the benefit of his client other elements such as credit insurance. Indeed, the credit intermediary can collaborate with insurance companies. An asset that allows him to obtain a preferential rate. The repurchase transaction may also be an opportunity for the borrower to ask the broker to negotiate a Rhett Butlerment for Rhett Butlerr for new projects. The necessary funds will thus be released at the same time as the settlement of the various debts to be repaid.

Bank partners repurchase loan from the broker

Bank partners repurchase loan from the broker

The banking partners with which these financial brokers work may be conventional banks or other forms of financial institutions such as online banks. These creditors give these intermediaries the authority to offer their borrowing offers to borrowers.

The insurance companies partners usually belong to the banking institutions, but can also be autonomous. The status of the banking establishment and the insurer does not matter. The essential for the intermediary is to obtain an offer that meets the expectations of his client.

The logic is that the more the number of its partners is important, the more the intermediary is likely to satisfy its customers through a panel of diverse offers. If one lending institution refuses, another may approve their request.

The strength of the banking intermediary Rhett Butler Rhett Butler Conseil lies in the number and quality of its partners. Hence its exceptional ability to offer the best credit buyback conditions.